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Changes begin with inner journeys.

In a personal session with Rev. Chambers, you can receive guidance in the areas of love, relationships, health, money, career, the past, or the future.

Explore consciousness and the choices available in your life. Experience a shift in your consciousness and energy field with the help of Inner Guides.

Rev. Barbara Lynn Chambers provides insights into the process of self realization through Shamanic Journeys

Learn more about Rev. Chambers.

To schedule a session: lynn@sacredspiritjourneys.com

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“ I was feeling very overwhelmed and frightened about some major transitions in my life. Lynn did a special Peruvian healing on me that released all tension from my body and mind. When she finished, I felt at peace and knew that all would work out. During the process, I felt almost transported to a different level of consciousness.”
——— Gretchen H. Reston, VA

"Over the past few years, Lynn has worked with me on many levels to address many types of issues. Through the many types of tools and processes she has mastered, she has brought about profound changes allowing me to clear blockages at the mental, physical, and spiritual levels. I have seen visions through different types of meditations and guided journeys with Lynn, and always leave my sessions feeling positive, empowered, enlightened, and refreshed. She has worked very hard and studied with many great teachers in the years that I have known her and genuinely strives to help others. She is a gentle, loving, but powerful healer with much to offer—she is the real thing! I highly recommend Lynn and trust her completely in the healing work that she does. Plus, she is always learning and applying new techniques, as well as refining those she already knows which makes each session a new adventure!"
— Diana C. Fairfax, VA

“Lynn is wonderfully gifted in using her diverse trainings and intuitive insights to empower men and women alike to reach their divine destinies. She draws from many different disciplines to offer you the perfect tools for accessing the wisdom within and guidance to achieve your purpose.”
——— Sandy S. Oakton, VA

“ Lynn has been called and guided to be a healer and pipe carrier-seeking teachings and experiences from healers and shaman all over the world. She follows the wisdom of Spirit as she holds sacred pipe prayer-ceremonies and individual healing sessions with kindness, skill and a light heart.”
——— Rev. Nina “White Spring” Gibson Fairfax, VA

“Blasa, from Bolivia, is the granddaughter of an Inca Shaman. At her wedding, I wanted to give her a special surprise, so I hired Lynn Chambers to perform a Mesa blessing from the Andean tradition. Sacred space, power and presence were felt by all participants. Blasa’s Maid of Honor, an Inca Native in traditional attire, with soul tears confirmed to us how authentic and pure the ceremony was. After being present at many ceremonies with Lynn, I am choosing to study with her.”
——— Pilar Farnsworth….Reston, VA

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Reverend Barbara Lynn Chambers
Barbara “Lynn” Chambers has been practicing Shamanism since 1996. She studied at the Shamanic Healing Institute in Washington D.C. completing both levels of training on the Andean Path. She also completed a one year intensive with The Polarity Center and Shamanic Studies Center in Washington, DC, concentrating in Native American traditions. Additionally she has studied Celtic and Tibetan Shamanic techniques.

She traveled to Peru to study with Juan Nunez Del Prado, and received the rites of a 4th level Paqo.This level of Shamanic studies joined her with the lineage of the Inca, thru Juan and all of his teachers in this Andean tradition.

Lynn holds a second level degree in Reiki training, and has been certified in Magnified Healing.

Lynn believes in the goddess within and is soon to be certified as High Priestess, after an intensive two-year training.

Reverend Chambers is ordained through the Circle of the Sacred Earth (a church fostering shamanic principles and practices). She is also affiliated with the Fellowship of Isis in Clonegal Ireland.

Lynn lives in Northern Virginia, and is available for individual or group sessions by appointment.

Email Rev. Chambers at Lynn@sacredspiritjourneys.com

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