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Learning about Shamanic Journeys
Answers always begin from within. Whether our issues are in the areas of relationships, health, loss, transition, or stress of any kind, a shamanic journey can transform our weaknesses into strengths, fear into confidence, struggles into ease, and judgment into love. In a comfortable environment Rev. Chambers will guide you in releasing tension, while listening to the gentle “heartbeat” of the drum. This sacred drum is the gateway to the inner journey where all changes must begin. Scroll down to read more.

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Shamanic Journeys
A Shamanic Journey is a voyage of personal transformation. Spirit Guides and Guardian Animals are revealed during these gentle, transformational ceremonies. Inner teachers show you how to unleash your potential and release bonds that prevent a life filled with happiness, love, and abundance.

In her own words, Rev. Chambers describes the Shamanic Journey this way, "Sacred Spirit Journeys are the soul-enriching experiences that we discover every time we journey into ourselves. Journeying is a beautiful, rich process, which connects you with Creator every time you enter this altered state of being. The answers that come through for each of us are sacred, because it is this divine truth that we hold in each of our bodies."

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Soul Retrieval
A “splintering of the soul” can occur through any traumatic event. In Shaman’s terms, through this trauma, actual soul parts have been lost or stolen, and until they are returned, one is not able to function properly in his life. In a shamanic journey, Rev. Chambers will aid you in tracking and returning lost fragments of your soul. This technique will begin the process of spiritual healing, recovery, and a sense of completeness.

Healing Drum and Pipe Ceremonies
Rev. Chamber’s healing ceremonies are based on the use of sacred implements. The Native American drum and pipe both represent Spirits that are capable of invoking profound changes in your life. In the sacred space created with these implements, Rev. Chambers can initiate the Shamanic Journey which activates your healing.

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Celebrations and Ceremonies
Rev. Chambers will provide memory making events for weddings, house warmings, baby blessings, special birthdays, memorial services, and other sacred events based on an individual’s desires or needs.
Rev. Chambers also performs house clearings to clear any negative or heavy energies that may exist in the home. House blessings are recommended when you first move into a new home, and they also make excellent gifts for a new home owner.

Men’s Healing Circles
Ceremonies that provide powerful techniques for men’s hearts and souls! Connect with like-minded brothers and strengthen your personal power process. Learn the Transformational Healing Powers of Ancient Tribal Traditions as Rev. Chambers guides you through an experience that will heal, balance, expand your vision and increase your personal power.

To speak with Rev. Chambers directly, call
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or, email: lynn@sacredspiritjourneys.com


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